Super Flu: remixes by Stephan Bodzin, DJ Koze and Andhim


According to earlier reports, Super Flu‘s second album was released on October 23rd, 2013. Feliks Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz, performing together since 2005, released “Halle Saale” via their own record label Monaberry. These days, Monaberry’s 22nd release – five remixes of four “Halle Saale” tracks – is ready to be published on April 24th, 2014. Music duo Format:B, DJ Koze from Flensburg (who recently won the Echo 2014 critic’s choice award), Stephan Bodzin from Bremen, Martin Waslewski and Cologne-based duo Andhim contribute one remix each. Stephan Bodzin, head of Herzblut record label, is responsible for one “Jo Gurt” remix and another trndmusik premiere.


01. Me Roar (Format:B Remix)
02. Jo Gurt (DJ Koze Remix)
03. Jo Gurt (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
04. Fibi Maybe (Martin Waslewski Remix)
05. Gether (Andhim Mix)