Sound der Woche: Jan Blomqvist – Time Again


Unser heutiger Sound der Woche kommt erst in ein paar Tagen raus. „Time Again“ vom Berliner Musikproduzenten Jan Blomqvist erscheint am 11. Juli 2014. Seine Nummer wird mit Remixen vom Kieler Peer Kusiv, von Ryan Mathiesen und ihm selbst auf dem Imprint RAR veröffentlicht. Die Lyrics der Nummer, die der Liveact angefertigt hat, haben wir auch:

Realize that things just weren’t working
Pretending that we were both blind
A billboarded couple blank frozen
Lunch on the terrace, like the dead we dine

When i wanna sleep your just wakin
When i set a fire you complain ‚bout the cold
Just like our sunny vacations
Stunning pictures they’ll stay on the roll

Through love to hate
Goes round again
Wake up too late
No sense or plan

Shiftless and weak
Comfortably numb
Words would not speak
Not leave my tounge

Finger rests over the button
Blank looks whiter than white
You said it all, you said nothing
The end comes without a fight

We were close at the start without thinking
Caught up after one berlin night
Then red flags and warning lights blinking
To cut the ties, time was just never right

We weren’t great
But you are

We weren’t enough
But you should know
You are

It wasn’t right
Its never but
You are

You are

I came at 10
You left at 8
Time time again
I came too late

You left at 8
I came at 10
You didn’t wait
Time and time again

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