Superlover’s debut EP via Mother Recordings


“My wife had contacts at Mother Recordings”, says music producer Superlover. But it took a while for the record label to release his EP. “I was busy reorganizing my way of working until I had some kind of hybrid solution including hardware and DAW production. So I had to wait for the flow first. Over the time I managed to produce more and more tracks until they reached a quality I was happy with. Then I showed some of the tracks to Mother Recordings.” The result is titled “Steam” EP coming into stores June 23rd, 2014. “I have to add that my restriction to work with Universal Audio plugins only really boosted my working speed as well as the quality of the productions”, says Superlover. “So, now I just wish for the release to push me further. That’s a dream coming true.” We are happy to stream his track “Make Love” for the first time ever.


01. Superlover – Steam
02. Superlover – Make Love