trndmsk Future Stars #1: Bonjour Ben – inconnu


We want to introduce you to unknown artists and their music in our new category called Future Stars. Meerblick Records fellow Bonjour Ben from Rostock makes a start. The 24-year-old DJ started DJing over two years ago and has been featured by trndmusik with a number of sets and mixes. However, music has always been an essential part of his life. He compiled an one-hour mix called “inconnu” for trndmusik and talked to us about the mixtape and producing music.

trndmsk: What can we expect from the next 60 minutes?

Bonjour Ben: A little bit of Tiefschwarz, a spoonful of Keinemusik and a pinch of Robag Wruhme.

trndmsk: How did you choose the tracks? Did you have a certain concept doing that?

Bonjour Ben: I wanted the set to reflect my current sound. I’d say it’s a mixture of artists I feature frequently and some unknown tracks.

trndmsk: How did you record the set?

Bonjour Ben: Last year I treated myself to an Allen&Heath mixer and two CDJs. And that works best at my loving home.

trndmsk: What are your goals as a DJ? Or do you prefer to take it as it comes?

Bonjour Ben: I’m quite relaxed in terms of music by now. There is still a lot of potential and I think that’s a good thing, too. I’m happy about every decent booking and try to extend my technical skills. Everything else will come along on my way.

trndmsk: What are your plans for the near future then? Any gigs coming up? And how about producing music yourself? That could be your next step.

Bonjour Ben: I’m not up for producing yet. Besides, I work on the world’s slowest laptop. It would probably explode trying to get Ableton running, so I’d rather advance in those things I do now. In other words: I want to continue to define my sound and work with vinyls. I’m perfectly happy with that.

We’ve got a Meerblick Records night coming up at Ballsaal in Hamburg. I’m really looking forward to that. Also, I hope that one day I’ll be allowed to play at Matrix and Q-Dorf.

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