James Sison: Veröffentlichung auf dem eigenen Label


Der junge Produzent und DJ James Sison bringt eine neue EP in den Handel. Auf seinem gegründetem Label Bade Records wird der Londoner am 16. Februar 2015 die Kollektion „Napier Lake“ rausbringen. „Im Laufe der letzten zwei Jahre habe ich mir einen Namen in der Londoner Szene dank meiner Residenz bei der Veranstaltung Tessellate gemacht“, so der Musiker. Mit der Sängerin Clover kreierte er die erste Nummer der EP: „Stolen“. „Der Track ist ein schön dark und emotional“, sagt der Londoner. „Napier See“ hingegen präsentiere seine Fähigkeit, zarte Melodien auf die Tanzfläche zu bringen. Wir sprachen mit dem Briten über das Release – und wieso das Duo Speaking Minds einen Remix anfertigte.

trndmsk: Where did you get the idea to produce the EP?

James Sison: Both tracks actually just started out as vague ideas. The title track, Napier Lake, I started a while ago. I remember the weather being particularly good and I began to piece together some floaty, calming synths. After this I began some different projects and didn’t return to it until later in the year, which was when I decided to make it slightly more driven and extend the track. ‘Stolen’ was actually inspired by Clover, who sang in the track. She showed me some of her recent projects and there was a vocal in particular that I really liked, so I took parts of it out, interpreted it my own way and then we met to record some more segments together.

We approached Speaking Minds because they’ve been putting out some amazing music. They have a unique and tasteful sound that we really wanted to be a part of the label. We were extremely happy that they accepted our request and even more pleased when we heard what they’d come up with!

How did you produce it – and where?

Both tracks were produced in my studio.

Why you release the EP via your own imprint – Bade Records?

Bade Records is the label that I co-founded with Edward Antonio (my brother), Charlie Coombes and Henry Stroud. I really wanted to release on Bade and fortunately the others liked it too! We then met and decided it would be BADE004 over a roast chicken dinner. For people who don’t know Bade either, check us out!

What’s up next? Are you working on any other projects?

I’ve got a few new things in the pipeline, including a release on Save Us Records – a great label. I’m excited to be featured on.


01. James Sison feat. Clover – Stolen
02. James Sison – Napier Lake
03. James Sison – Napier Lake (Speaking Minds Remix)