Lexer: First LP to be released in mid-March 2015


It’s happening: Lexer is about to release his debut album on March 13th, 2015. “Nowhere Else” LP consists of 13 tracks intended to work both on their own and as a whole. “Every track has a good groove making us comfortably euphoric”, says Wild Animals, the newly-founded record label responsible for the release. Belle Humble is featured on “Feels Like This”, Audrey Janssens contributed to “Till Dawn”. The LP will be released on the internet and as CD.


01. Intro (Road To Nowhere)
02. If You See The Stars
03. Africa
04. Melodicine
05. Feels Like This (feat. Belle Humble)
06. Beauty & The Beast
07. Interlude
08. Till Dawn (feat. Audrey)
09. Moonshinerain
10. Lose Myself In You
11. Moustache Ride
12. Sky Eyes In The Horizon
13. Ella

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