Sound of the Week: Rampa feat. Aquarius Heaven – Good Times


Berlin music producer Rampa just released his new two-track EP via keinemusik yesterday, February, 27th. The two tracks are called “Good Times” and “Roll” adding to Rampa’s proposal to play the sound in “that one moment during the night where everything seems perfect”. We talked to the musician about his new release and upcoming plans.

trndmsk: You’re about to release your new EP via keinemusik on February 27th, 2015. Take us through the production process. What inspired you to produce the EP and where did you record it?

Rampa: The A side “Good Times” was kind of an old project I had on my computer for a while but didn’t know where to go with it. After I made a remix for hyenah featuring Aquarius Heaven on freerange I thought Aquarius might fit perfectly on this rough beat so I asked him and he was on board. As soon as I had the vocal lines I finished the track in one session, recorded some more drums et voilà. The B side was a very quick thing. It only contains 7 or 8 tracks. It’s pretty simple but that’s what I like most about the track. I made it without having a plan… Just played around a little bit and had a lucky moment. I had another B side in the making but the whole crew instantly liked “Roll” so we let the “good times roll”.

You talked about “that one moment during the night when everything seems perfect”; the perfect moment for “Good Times”. Where do you spend these moments?

Rampa: I usually spend it behind the DJ both (laughs). For the deeper sense of the lyrics you might have to ask Aquarius as he came up with the text.

What inspires you generally? What’s your aspiration in music?

Rampa: I get this question a lot in interviews and I still don’t have an answer to it. I think it’s everything, from my friends to architecture to cheesy bullshit on TV… It comes around somehow.
My aspiration in music depends on where and what kind of music it is… but describing that is very difficult. There’s a fine line between cool and not cool and this again is a very individual thing. My answer sounds like a politician talking (laughs).

What’s up next for you and keinemusik? Any gigs, releases coming up?

Rampa: Yes, a lot of things coming up. I will do a saved record called “Potty” in March, a single on Defected in May, and I’m currently working on an EP for BOSO, the very dope label of Ten Walls. Also, I made a remix for wallflower on Rebirth, working on a remix for argy on BPitch and a very special remix for an upcoming label which I think has a huge potential (news soon). I can also tell you that the upcoming keinemusik workparty release end of the year is going to be special and we already started working on that.
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‘Good times roll’ is out now. Buy it here:

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