trndmsk Podcast #33 – Hanne & Lore

Podcast #33 - Hanne & Lore

Stefan Helmke and Steffen Neuhaus from East Westphalia are living their dream: a few years ago they started doing weekly performances as DJ and music producing duo Hanne & Lore. The two musicians met at Herford night club Kick ( X ) in the 1990s as both were given the chance to accompany popular acts as resident DJs. These days they’re usually announced as main act themselves. We’re happy to have Hanne & Lore mix our 33rd podcast and talked to them about their record label Heulsuse.

trndmsk: Steffen and Stefan, how did you choose the tracks for your podcast? Did you have a certain concept in mind?

Hanne & Lore: Actually, it mainly consists of our current favorite tracks– no concept, simply good music!

Where did you produce it?

We made the mix at home while having a comfortable afternoon coffee party– that’s how we do it.

What’s up next for your record label Heulsuse? Any releases planned in 2015?

Heulsuse by Einsauszwei from Dresden is in the making ready to be released in March as cassette, vinyl and mp3. Besides that, there’ll be two releases by Mirco Niemeier & Tony Casanova, Remcord, What Ever, Martin Waslewski and David Phillip. Plus a few exciting remixes. And we’ve also got the Heulsuse mixtapes for you, the most recent one by Thomas Schumacher is wicked!

Are you happy to leave the night clubs soon? What’s your open air season gonna be like?

We are very much looking forward to the summer, it’s the best time to party as every year. And we’ve got a few festivals coming up from May until August. We’re ready!

What kind of music inspires you as music producers and DJs? Are there any artists you currently hold dear?

We draw on the most different types and genres. There are so many releases to discover everyday.

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