trndmsk Podcast #42 – Melokind

Podcast #42 - Melokind

Melokind started working on his album “Sinus” in summer 2013. “I’ve worked on the eleven tracks for about two years”, says the music producer proudly, “but I had a few musical time outs as well to stay creative and gain new ideas, energy, inspiration which was necessary to realise the concept.” The collection was released by Incroyable Music on November 30th, 2015. The title wasn’t a hard choice: “I always love working with simple sine waves which are a big part of my productions. Especially the bleeps and appregios I make with this sine wave, that contributes a lot to the Melokind style.”

Focus on experiments

“It wasn’t really a special idea rather than the motivation to be creative and make experiments secluded from the usual club sounds”, says Melokind when asked about the inspiration behind his album. He got the final idea after finishing the first track. “And this idea was to produce a music album without paraphernalia, hardware or expensive plug ins. I focused on working with the field recorder and limited myself to the provided effects and synths on Ableton. That means that anyone with a field recorder could have recorded this album, technically, without spending much money on hardware and plugins.”


Eindrücke und Stimmungen dem Hörer vermitteln

It was important to him to be inspired by different sources. It may be everyday life in the city or countryside, it may be the weather or very own emotions in certain situations: “The track ‘Regnerisches Gefühlstrauma’ I made on a very dark and rainy day when I was sad that my girlfriend went on holidays for a month. I could put all these emotions in a song and created a track that I will remember forever.” He had the same feeling with some of the other tracks included in the album and tried to convey these impressions. “I produced all tracks in my modest studio at home”, discloses Melokind who put emphasis on having a good team play with the record label.

Finally, the Cologne artist compiled trndmsk podcast #42 to go along with the release.

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