trndmsk Future Stars #18: Tender Games – A Tape for Caro


Two weeks ago music duo Tender Games recorded their set “A Tape for Caro” – the 18th contribution to trndmsk’s Future Stars series. “We recorded it during this year’s first fine weather in Berlin”, say Marlon Hoffstadt and Ulrich Harrison (HRRSN) who started the project in late 2012. “We went to play ball, sat down with a few beers afterwards and browsed through our House classics and current favorites.” The two artists like to do that every now and then to show others their recent discoveries. “Then we were reminded that we wanted to make a podcast for trndmsk so we sat down and compiled the mix.”

Tracks that Tender Games would include in a DJ set

The result is a mixtape full of classics and a few new tracks that have been released recently. “Sometimes we play a small DJ set after our gigs”, say the musicians who usually perform live only. “It was important for us to include tracks that we could use in one of our Tender Games DJ sets.” Both have a hard time picking a favorite track: “It is difficult because there are so many great releases at the moment.” Hoffstadt currently prefers the new release by Suzanne Kraft, “DJ Safety”, which is also a favorite of &ME. “I’d like to add that I am a huge fan of Matteo Luis’ upcoming release via Retrograde: “Untitled” and “Impulse” are my favourites on this one.” However, Harrison is convinced by &ME’s dub version of Art Department’s “Catch You By Surprise”: “The track is like a long and intense breather during the set that always takes full effect.”

New releases are in the making

Besides recording the mixtape the two music producers spent a lot of time in the studio recently: “We made a remix for our friend Basti aka Lovebirds, and made a contribution to the “SUOL Summer Daze” series.” Also, they are thoroughly working on a new EP. “And we’ve got our solo projects, of course. Marlon will soon release via his own record label Retrograde, and there will be another release with Chicago based singer Paris Brightledge via UTTU’s sub label Hot Haus.”
Harrison is about to release a new EP via a label from Denmark.

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