The story of a story – Kalipo releases “Charlie” EP via Otake


“After releasing two albums, I wanted to work on an EP aiming at the clubs”, says Kalipo. That’s what Jakob Häglsperger did with his “Charlie” EP due to be released in mid-November 2016. “So I knew the format and that the amount of tracks could only be limited, but that didn’t help me choosing the tracks.” The Bavarian music producer had almost 40 tracks ready and had to figure out which of these tracks would be relevant for the release. “I talked to Otake about which tracks they thought were suitable. Also, I tried to arrange them conceptionally.” It was important to him to express the story told by the music and the inspiration he had when producing it: “And I’ll have to call a spade a spade here: the music is inspired by its home, the dark clubs where night and day merge into one, where time gets lost, where moving to the rhythm unifies everything.” For better or for worse, intoxication plays a part as well. “So I tried to put all this into words and metaphors, running around and taking notes on potential tracks.”


Kalipo needs a limited setup

At one point when he sat in the car listening to a Beatles classic, he realised how the hippies back then were inspired by similar situations: “That’s when I was reminded of “Charlie”, “The Flying Octopus” and his journeys through psychedelic worlds full of animals symbolising certain things. That’s how one thing lead to another.” The four tracks were produced in his small bedroom studio: “I took my favorites instruments back home, back from the studio which is unfortunately too far away from home. I just need a limited and familiar setup. Well, to be honest ‘limited’ is a relative term here. I mostly use small analogue machines by a certain Swedish company paired with great analogue synthesize classics.”

The chemistry is right

The EP will be released by Polish record label Otake Records on November 14th, 2016. “Lizaveta and Piotr from Otake Records invited me to play a concert in Warsaw last year, and we had a great night philosophising about the world, her cat and Michael Jackson.” Since then he knew that the chemistry was right. “We’ve been in contact working on the release since then. I am very happy that Otake helped me so much and I always had great experiences in Poland.” As they decided to use four tracks only the EP doesn’t contain any remixes. “Even though I had about 40 demo tracks with me, unfortunately there was no room left for remixes”, says the musician who usually likes remixes and is looking forward to making more of them himself.


01. Kalipo – And the Stone of Heart
02. Kalipo – The Flying Octopus
03. Kalipo – Riding the White Camel
04. Kalipo – Watching Elephants on Bikes