trndmsk Podcast #46 – Gabriel Ananda


Sixteen years ago Gabriel Ananda started his career by releasing the “For Love” EP via his own imprint Karmarouge. The Cologne DJ advanced to become some kind of insiders’ tip with his groovy minimalist tracks. In 2004 he released “Süssholz”, one of the most prominent club tracks of that year, and topped off the year with his debut album “Tai Nasha No Karosha”. The LP was clearly aimed at the dancefloors banking on functional directness and the pleasure of dancing.

Sven Väth in Berlin, 1995

Gabriel Ananda’s career really advanced when he moved to Cologne in 1999. Even though he was blessed with his musical talent producing music for a living remained to be a dream of his. He endured cello lessons for a long time until he was enthralled by Grunge. The band members of Nirvana were his idols until he listened to a set by Sven Väth in Berlin in 1995. This special night he will always remember as an epiphany moment. Synthesizers replaced the guitars– and electronic music became the purpose in his life.

trndmsk is happy to present its 46th podcast full of Techno elements.

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