Die gewisse Leichtigkeit mit arabischen Gesang – Kora und seine EP „Fragile“


Das zweite Release des noch jungen Labels Earthly Delights steht in den Startlöchern. Um kulturelle und vielfältige Musik zu veröffentlichen, haben sich die Macher für eine EP des Kanadiers Kora, der bereits auf Kindisch publizierte, entschieden. Am 16. Januar 2017 soll seine Deep-House-Kollektion „Fragile“ in digitaler Version erscheinen. Gleich der Opener der EP, „Vayu“, ist ein wunderschön strukturiertes Werk geworden, das von einer melodischen Wärme überschwemmt wird. Kora zeigt mit der Produktion eine gewisse Leichtigkeit und eine zarte Annäherung an Drums, während arabischer Gesang die Nummer abrundet.

Timujin beschleunigt den Puls des Titeltracks

Der Titeltrack, „Fragile“, hat einen dunkleren, aber nicht weniger emotionalen Schnitt. Der aus Montreal stammende Künstler verbindet gestreifte Gitarrenakkorde mit gefüllten Saiten, die über üppigen Pads laufen. Timujin, ein Musiker, der schon mehrmals in der Burning Man-Wüste auftrat und zu den Gründern der White Ocean-Community gehört, liefert den passenden Remix, eine melodische Variante des Werks, hierzu ab. Er hält die Grundelemente von“ Fragile“ intakt, aber beschleunigt zudem den Puls des Tracks mit gewichtigen Kicks und zaubert so eine Version, die für den Dancefloor ausgerichtet ist.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Kora: This EP is really special for me as those two tracks were part of the process as I was finding my sound & experimenting different things. What I want to express the most with my music is to blend organic textures and modern sounds together. To make the human feel connected with the earth, to bring back the roots. I’m not a fan of describing too much my own meaning of a song because my goal is to let everyone discover their own significancy if they connect with it. They are not the first tracks I produced as Kora, but they were the first tracks with a stronger melodic aspect than the other ones. For „Fragile“, it all started with the melodies and chords. I was trying to find a balance between emotions, mysterious textures while keeping a good dance floor oriented-energy with the drums. Vayu started with the vocal. I fell in love with that voice and decided to build the whole track around it.

Where did you record it? And how?

I produced the whole EP in my previous studio in Montreal in a really cool and quiet neighbourhood called „Saint- Henri“, a few minutes away from downtown. My room was just below an historic recording studio called „Studio Victor“ , a place where I met really nice people. My studio neighbour was an experienced movie and documentary music producer that inspired me a lot. We always talked about our different projects and he was kind enough to share with me some sounds from his collection. I used some of those authentic ethnic samples to create Vayu & Fragile. As for the percussions, I recorded some of my own shaker sounds with a Kel Audio HM-2D Condenser microphone. As for the melodic instruments, I play everything on a keyboard and than use MIDI with different samplers. To add a human feel to it, I make sure to write my patterns with different velocities and I try to avoid using „Quantize“ too much.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

It all started when I shared some of my music with Timujin. We jumped on a skype and talked for about 30 minutes! He said he was interested into remixing „Fragile“ and than decided to put me in touch Earthly Delights, explaining to me it would be a great fit for my sound! I’m really glad it worked out.

What’s up next after the release?

Finishing a few touch ups on my first remix, a new podcast for Ibiza Sonica Radio in Spain, my first USA gig in New York City and also a return on Kindisch in Berlin.

Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, I’m happy to be involved in a few different things at the moment. Of course I’m orienting most of my focus on writing new music, but I love to share my passion and teach. I’m now running an electronic music production school with a partner in Montreal where I teach Ableton Live to groups classes, structured as weekend seminars.



01. Kora – Vayu
02. Kora – Fragile
03. Kora – Fragile (Timujin Remix)