Recorded at Humboldt Universität in Berlin: the new “Veritas” EP by AFFECT!


Following up on his releases via Moodmusic, Crossfrontier and Save Us Records, Berlin DJ AFFECT! has recently worked with Mexican record label Anathema Records to release his new Deep House EP titled “Veritas”. “I wanted to work with a singer for quite a while now”, says the young artist. At first, the original track was created without vocals but then AFFECT! found the perfect voice in Lukas Weinmann. “The track was recorded in my studio, and later we worked at the Humboldt Universität’s Forschungszentrum für Populäre Musik together with Lukas.” Besides “Veritas” the collection includes another track titled “Kilia”, standing out with a cosy atmosphere and groovy drums. The work is topped off by hypnotising synths and warm pads climaxing with ambitious and harmonic bass lines.

Remixes by Thyladomid and Philipp Kempnich

Two remixes were created by Diynamic Music’s Thyladomid and Philipp Kempnich of Einmusika Recordings. While Thyladomid took on “Veritas” to make it more deep and tech-like, Kempnich transports “Kilia” to a transcendent atmosphere with catching bass lines. “I found that Thyladomid really suits the original track, and I like his sounds”, says AFFECT!. “Philipp is a friend of mine who produces great music. Also, I had made a remix for him before.” Besides releasing his new EP (due on March 10th, 2017), the Berlin DJ has moved into his new studio at Ostkreuz. “Additionally, I just founded my own record label Salomo.” The first EP was released on January 20th, and the next release is due on March 3rd. “Other than that, I’m working really hard on setting up the new label.”


01. AFFECT! – Veritas
02. AFFECT! – Kilia
03. AFFECT! – Veritas (Thyladomid Remix)
04. AFFECT! – Kilia (Philipp Kempnich Remix)