Piotr Bejnar’s debut album full of passion, commitment and details – “Album”


Piotr Bejnar worked on his album for a solid eleven months. “One of the inspirations was the long time I spent with my pals”, says the Polish artist. They were exchanging plans and ideas. “I showed them some tracks, and some friends were advising me to release them.” Also, there were other Polish musicians who inspired him to produce the album. “But the main inspiration to release was the “Stay True” project I did in cooperation with Ballantine. During the work on the project about one year ago, someone asked me if I planned to produce my first album. I found that I could have plans so I started to think about it further.”

Each track has its own vinyl cover

Most of the tracks were produced in his home studio: “Together with friends and artists we invested a lot of time and energy to create vocals, and play instruments. There were lots of instruments we used in the studio: gudzeng, flute, kazoo, violin, guitar, korg ms 20, virus c, korg esx1, octatrack, piano, kalimba, music box, and even the recorded vocal of my cat.” Bejnar came up with something simple for the title as he decided to name his debut album “Album”. “This release is a cluster of new and old tracks that I finished a long time ago, plus the tracks that I started a long time ago and finished just now. It’s a mix of my present and past”, explains the DJ, live act and music producer from Warsaw. Due to the long process of producing the album he decided to design it similar to a photo album or notebook: “Each track has its own story and a separate cover inside the vinyl.”


Releasing via his own imprint

Six of the twelve tracks involve a featured artist (Weronika Dziedzic, Baasch, Krystyna Czubówna, Kasp and Angelina Nartowska). “I came up with some of the collaborations before the track was even created. Some of them were visions of those musicians who contributed to the tracks. Summing up, all the ideas were both carefully thought out and very accidental.” Bejnar’s debut album will be released via Otake Records on May 16th, 2017. “Otake Records is a label I founded with my wife in 2014. Our goal is to promote Polish and international artists, create a group of friends all over the world who support themselves in music and life.” It was obvious to him to release vis own label. First reactions have been very positive so far; the track “Nie Ma Mateusza” has been on YouTube for a few weeks. “Some friends and colleagues I showed the album to said that I had surprised them. I think this material is a surprise for everyone who knows me, and at the same time the album could be interesting for people who don’t know me.”


01. Piotr Bejnar – Torba Dj’a
02. Piotr Bejnar feat. Weronika Dziedzic – Tearful Smile
03. Piotr Bejnar feat. Baasch – Jellyfish
04. Piotr Bejnar – Nie Ma Mateusza
05. Piotr Bejnar feat. Weronika Dziedzic – Pachniesz Owocami
06. Piotr Bejnar feat. Krystyna Czubówna – Kobietki
07. Piotr Bejnar feat. Kasp – Bagieta
08. Piotr Bejnar – Your Hope Is Over There
09. Piotr Bejnar – Sacrifice
10. Piotr Bejnar – Oniegin
11. Piotr Bejnar – Mzesumzira
12. Piotr Bejnar feat. Angelina Nartowska – Twelve Kisses For Goodbye

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