“The context appears when listening to it as a whole” – The Torture The Artist Podcast by David Mayer


“The set was finished in July the day before it was uploaded, but actually Holger Breuer of Torture the Artist had already reached out to me back in January, asking if was up for providing something for the platform”, David Mayer says. But back then it did not quite work out. “I was in South Africa at that time and failed to catch the message. Sooma, who is the voice on our Keinemusik Track „Bold” was also there in South Africa. She had been one of the first artists from my direct environment to make a podcast for Torture the Artist“, Mayer continues. Apart from that, the minitour in South Africa was initiated by his new friend Floyd Lavine, who also happened to have an interview up on Torture The Artist soon thereafter: “When looking at the features, podcasts and premieres on Torture The Artist, I recognized that everyone represented is somehow familiar to me. If you know and appreciate so many of the pople involved you feel comfortable right away. A good starting point for interesting ideas to develop naturally.”

“There is a lot of work put into it”

The content on Torture The Artist is solid, Mayer states. “Holger consistently reached out for me twice. I really appreciate that and it clearly showed me that the potential in the collaboration is good for both of us.” At first, the idea was to put together a larger feature around an upcoming release, including an interview and a podcast. But as the release was postponed, it was decided that there would still be a podcast “to fill the gap. In the time Holger contected me, that interview with Floyd was just released, and I really liked the fresh style.” This interview gave mention to Floyd Lavines new african house label Rise Music, which he is running wih Hyenah, Dede and a few more, and it’s first release, for which Mayer feels lucky to be part of as a remixer. “That completed the circle! At this point, the Concept of Torture The Atist had developed even further and I could see the rise of its quality level. There is a lot of work put into it, artwork and design are ace. So when Holger asked me again recently, I of course instantly accepted!”

The transitions are like the cliffhangers of a show

People have reason to beleive that Facebook messages are generally not being checked frequently, Mayer says. “I try to keep an eye on my inbox as good as possible, but when Holger texted me for the first time, I must have been traveling or something. Consequently, the very friendly message was overlooked.” Luckily, he reached out a second time, and Mayer says he then found the rudely unanswered message from before. “I immediately apologized and we started our conversation.” With a clubset or a podcast, Mayers first aim is not to bore himself, staying true to his taste and and at the same time creating an arc of suspence, which may not be consciously noticeable by the audience, but which leads the listener to stay on track from start to finish. “To me, the transitions are like the cliffhangers of a show, announcing the next episode, which, as everyone knows, may then still take an unexpected turn.” Mayer beleives that if one would just skip through the mix, the playlist would appear disorganized. “I think that the context appears when listening to it as a whole. The mix starts with 112 BPM, goes up to 123 BPM and slows down again at the end. For this, i do not neccessarily use the newest material. I prefer to choose the music to fit into the story. Over time, I use to collect tracks in a separate folder, which I think may become of use later as a part of such a story.” From this pool, he also assembled the art:cast #13. “Of course, I also took the opportunity to introduce my latest Remix on Get Physical“, he states with a wink.

“I don’t want to annoy people with cellphone-speaker quality”

Often, the last track in his set is chosen to be somewhat special: “Sometimes it may even be slightly out of genre, but it is always something i consider to be particularly beautiful. In this case, I had a nice night out at a bar in Kreuzberg when this song was playing. I asked the DJ what it was.” When David arrived at home to check, he realised that the vinyl would not arrive in time for the podcasts deadline. “But I wanted it in there! So I ripped it off Youtube: ‘So So Ye’ by Jimi Bazzouka.“ Mayer says that this could only be done once in a while at the end of a podcast, “otherwise the quality will never be good enough at all. I don’t want to annoy people with music of cellphone-speaker quality”. He also likes to play his own tracks, often work in progress, but also released ones. “Right now I am additionally working on tracks with Floyd Lavine, Nico Stojan and the Stereo MC’s. I can’t get enough of playing those demos. It really is a big advantage to be able to play your work out to a crowd, catch the reaction and then going back to the studio to make final decisions.”

He then continues to point out some particularly favored tracks by colleagues, like „Sun My Sweet Sun“ by Red Axes in the Fango remix, Adam Ports Remix of Whirlpool Productions‘ tune „From Disco To Disco“ and Simple Symmetrys „Best Ice Cream In Guwahati“ in the Marvin & Guy remix. David Mayers release schedule is also to be mentioned: “My ‘Sirocco EP’ is planned on Objektivity with a great remix by Jonathan Kaspar. On September 18th the ‘Drained EP’ will arrive via Connected, once again with vocals by Sooma. I am also looking forward to the release of my remix for Boddhi Satva on Offering Recordings in October.”



01. Moodymann – Meanwhile Back At Home
02. Shigeto – Pulse
03. Carl & Carol Jacobs – Robot Jam (Part 1)
04. King Britt pres. Oba Funke – Uzoamaka (Dixon Update)
05. Fela Kuti – Alu Jon Jonki Jon (Floyd Lavine Edit) (Free Download)
06. Labuzinski & Max Graef – Vino Rosetto
07. Pongo – Lose My Mind (Stereo MCs Remix)
08. German Brigante – Modulations (David Mayer Remix)
09. Jonathan Kusuma – Mordor Disko
10. Depeche Mode – Where’s The Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
11. Jimpster – Silent Stars
12. Nico Stojan – Imagination
13. Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go (Yost Movement Mix)
14. Jimi Bazzouka – So So Ye