Eines der bestgehüteten Geheimnisse Israels – Chicola veröffentlicht sein Debütalbum


Chicola bringt demnächst sein Debütalbum raus. Doch bevor der erste Longplayer des Israelis – „Could Heaven Be“ – erscheint, veröffentlicht der Musiker auf Guy Js Label Lost & Found die 2-Track-starke EP „Yoav“. Chicola ist eines der bestgehüteten Geheimnisse Israels und bekommt oft lobendes Feedback von DJs wie Danny Tenaglia, Dixon, Sasha, John Digweed und Hernan Cattaneo. So ist es auch bei seiner kommenden EP und dem Album. Die EP besteht aus zwei beeindruckenden Produktionen, die als Indikatoren für das, was kommen wird, stehen: „Yoav“ und „Dead Celebrity’s“. Chicola setzt bei beiden Werken auf hypnotische Grooves und verzaubernde Atmosphären gepaart mit ausgefeilten Leads. Die „Yoav“ EP erscheint am 20. Oktober 2017 und ist über Beatport erhältlich. Der Longplayer „Could Heaven Be“ folgt am 17. November 2017 und ist ebenfalls auf Beatport zu haben.

trndmsk: How long did it take you to produce the album?

Chicola: Well, I started to work on the album last spring and I had a few main ideas of how I wanted it to sound. From that vision I started to build the music and the progression after that was natural I would say.

How did you choose the title of the LP? Is there a special meaning behind it?

My wife and I lost a very good friend and her daughter in 2016 and this tragic event had a huge impact on our lives . There are some tracks on the album that were tied very closely to those events and ‚Could Heaven Be‘ is one of them, it just seemed appropriate that this be title when the final tracklist had been solidified.

What inspired you to produce the tracks and the LP?

There are so many things in life where inspiration comes from, I like to listen to a lot of music so that does play a factor to some extent but a lot of it comes from inspiration after gigs, seeing and feeling what works on the dance floor and tweaking those ideas in my own unique way. My family is a big inspiration in all my music also and sometimes just sitting down in the studio and jamming brings endless possibilities. So ultimately the inspiration for the album came from many different places. Creativity is something that can strike at any moment. 

Where and how did you produce the tracks?

Everything was done in my home studio but I don’t have a set way or formula of working on every track. Sometimes I just like to play with synthesizers and sometimes just the drums, see where the ideas go and just let the creative energy flow from there. Sometimes I also like to use a recording device that can capture ambiance and soundscapes. For example the opening track of the album is a soundscape of my daughter playing around and laughing, from those elements and more importantly the feeling she had is what the whole track was built around.

How was the feedback so far?

Really good , there is a track that Tale Of Us has been playing in all their sets for months so that’s quite cool; and also Guy Mantzur, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, and few more have been huge supporters so I’m really happy with the feedback.


How and why did you choose the record label?

Lost & Found is my home and Guy J suggested that it was time for me to do an album so of course it’s a great honour for me. Its one of the finest labels around and I feel lucky to be able to release my music there. 

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

It will be quite busy as the album tour is going to start with shows in Argentina, India, Amsterdam, Budapest and more. Then I’ll be headed back into the studio to finish some really exciting projects for 2018.


01. Chicola – Yoav
02. Chicola – Dead Celebrity’s

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