Expression of sadness and anger – Amir Telem releases „Distant Memories“ on Wildfang

Northern Hemisphere 3000

For today premiere we have Amir Telem with his track „Distant Memories“ on Wildfang Music.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Amir Telem: „Distant Memories“ is my personal request for divine-guidance and strength to continue the journey on my path for self-realization. This track is my expression of my sadness and anger mixed with hope and deep prayer for God to show me the way and treat me with love. About a year ago I moved back to Israel from six years living in New York City. The experiences I had in New-York were very deep, some were happy and some were very challenging. There I met wonderful souls whom I shared my path with and I miss a lot. There I found my love for DJing and began producing music with a close friend of mine – DJ Nordvolk in a small apartment in the East-Village. There I fell in love with Yoga and continuing my longing for a divine connection. There I understood that my main current work is to clean my heart from anger, lust, jealousy and pride. Understanding that even music could be an ego trap if managed by it and not by my true-self.

I took back with me a few strong memories, as praying for guidance sitting alone in cold snowy days in Central Park or playing music in Burning-Man and Tulum, trying to find the meaning of life through incredible experiences. Back in Israel, adjustment was not very easy and somewhat depressive. I missed my friends in New-York and my heart was broken.

Still, a star of hope shined in my heart asI felt that I’m on my path and better days to come … Sitting in my home studio in Israel, while trying to produce music, many questions came to me: who am I really and what is my purpose? Can I leave the past behind and continue on my spiritual quest ? Can I really make music that will touch others? Is music a blessing or a curse to me?

I struggled as I couldn’t find a clear answer within the mess inside my mind. I prayed to God through my words and through the music. Within „Distant Memories“ there is my internal voice praying to God to lead me the way back home, to inspire me to create music, to clean my heart, to be able to leave the past behind and to continue the path of love while helping others to elevate.

Where did you record it? And how?

I recorded it in my home studio in Israel, where I live now. I used Ableton live, keyboard, Omnisphere Synth and some loops.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

After following Wildfang for sometime, loving their music, I sent them an email I found on Soundcloud with a few of my tracks. I’m just in my first year of music production by myself and It was among the first times I was connecting labels and trying to promote my music. It was all very exciting and freighting. I had no experience with how the music world works and there were many unknown factors. Personally, I really loved „Distant Memories“ and wished for it to be taken by a nice label, but from lack of experience, I wasn’t sure how good it is and if it is professional enough to be signed by a label. After a couple of weeks I received an email back from Wildfang. I was so happy to see that they loved all the tracks I sent them. So, they chose „Distant Memories“ for the upcoming album and two more tracks – „Never Forgotten“ and „Seek No Further“ to be on an EP in a couple of months.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Many exciting things are coming up. I have upcoming releases on Wildfang, Motek, Aftertech, Grrreat Recordings, Supermatic and Art Vibes. I’m also continuing to produce and improving my skills. I’m considering pursuing a one year program of electronic music production to take my music to the next level. I began a sessional residency at Beach-Bar Caesarea: a beautiful piece of heaven in an old Roman town, right on the beach. The background of the DJ booth there is a sunset on a blue ocean with old roman buildings all around. So far I had two shows and the feedback was very nice. The combination of the deep melodies with the scene is magical. Also, I’m working on a couple of events in Israel of combining Deep House, yoga and meditation under one spiritual journey. My first event is in Tel-Aviv on April 6th.

I recently began a new job as a yoga and movement instructor for mentally disabled people in an institution, a place where I practice compassion and parenthood. I’m enjoying many blessings and I’m thankful for them. Nevertheless, the most important and exciting project I’m taking on myself is a daily Mantra mediation of a few hours I have practiced for a year now. I’m looking for what many sages have found – true love, wisdom, eternity and Love of God. Everything else is secondary and will come, or not, in the right time.

Wildfang Music will release „Distant Memories“ on April 15th, 2019.