From darkness into the light – Seth Schwarz and Die Ruhe release their „Patience“ ep


Seth Schwarz’s Violin pairs easily with the playful and delicate voice of Die Ruhe. Both are taking us to remote places that offer space and time for stories yet untold. A serene oasis as the lead line reminds the listener about the journey from darkness into the light „we’ll come again!“ The break its smoothly introduced with a wild Violin Solo followed by a melancholic Vocal Bridge leading into a reminiscing Reprise of Strings, while the whole Arrangements builds up again and erupts into a fountain of Joy. Every end bears a new beginning. Once experienced it is worth being patient for something as precious to come your way again. For sure – with „Patience“.

Dutch Genius Producer Mees Salomé, who is already known through BBC Radio, being played by nonetheless the Pete Tong is exploring the darker and melancholic side with his interpretation of Die Ruhe’s and Seth Schwarz’s „Patience“. While giving the piece an epic touch building around the strings and a powerful and wide bass that hovers under the well produced synthesis of synth and vocal, the same key message remains „we will come again!“ and weaves through all the tears into a huge ocean of sounds.

The Australian producer Ryan Oblique, awarded winner of Richie Hawtin’s „Ask Yourself Remix Competition“ fuses the vocals of „Patience“ with a non-conformist attitude together with the lower pitched strings now sounding like Echos of Cellos, into one of his genre-bending productions. In this outstanding production he fluidly paints a picture of pulsating impressions – leaving the fragments of the original bouncing of the walls in a non-90˚angle. The result is extremely artistic and surely has the potential of becoming an art installation on its own in Berlin.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Seth Schwarz: After a show at Harry Klein Club in Munich my friend Peter Fleming recommended to reach out for the breaking artist Die Ruhe to make music together. I followed that and gave her a call. We instantly connected so well that we met and started to feel the resonance between us. Shaping the full version of the track actually took us a lot of „Patience“ and thankfully now we are both very happy with the result. Good things are worth waiting for – the universe will play it out in the end anyways.

Where did you record it? And how?

At first we recorded individually in our home studios and gave each other tips through phone calls and mails. We built the story more and more and after we let the arrangement settle for quite some time. Later thought we needed to rearrange lots of layers and rerecorded voice and violins to keep the sound up to date and i threw in a violin solo. After even more cutting work we got back together with a sound engineer of SAE Leipzig to fuse our two stubborn souls together.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I was up for trying new ways of publishing music, AWAL (Artists without a Label) seemed like a promising try. So here we are now on all platforms.

What’s up next after the release?

I am starting my first own party called ALL ARE ONE where the release will be celebrated in the legendary Club Charles Bronson, Halle that was founded by the amazing Monkey Safari brothers. More releases are following in April with a Remix for Solvane and Prismode on Ritter Butzke and three collaborations with YokoO on his album on All Day I Dream. The premiere of the Movie „Faust“ which I wrote the scored and sound design for. A finally long holiday cruising though Botswana and getting inspired by nature to create more music. Also i am looking very much forward to the upcoming album of Die Ruhe which will be released throughout the year.

Are you working on any other projects?

At the moment I am working on Projects with my friend Martin Waslewski, french producer Teho and also on lots of new own material including one piece that I wrote for an Orchestra. So I am quite excited testing the new music at Festivals like Ritual in Paris, La Reve in Amsterdam and a showcase with Mayan Warrior in very Beirut soon.


01. Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience
02. Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience (Mees Salomé Remix)
03. Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe – Patience (Oblique Remix)

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