One of the oldest astronomical messages – Wildfang releases his compilations “Planisphere of Dendera”

Northern Hemisphere 3000

The “Planisphere of Dendera” is one of the oldest astronomical messages left on the humanity by ancient Egyptian priests. Also known as the Dendera Zodiac or the Zodiac of Osiris (as it was dedicated to Osiris) and was located in the temple complex of Hathor in Dendera, a small town on the nile, close to Luxor. The Dendera Zodiac is an ancient astronomical map which contains all the information needed to calculate the movement of Earth from one zodiac sign to another for approximately 30000 years, which corresponds to the axial precession cycle.

The ancient Egyptians knew well the secrets of precession and the basis of their calculations is the great year – 25,920 years. One astrological era is equal to 1/12 of the precession of Earth’s axis and corresponds to 2160 years. The celestial arch is represented by a disc held up by four pillars of the sky in the form of women, between which are inserted falcon-headed spirits. The four pairs of figures represent the cardinal points, while all twelve figures indicate the months. In the inner circle, the main fixed stars are shown for orientation, and the circle is divided into 36 deans, each resulting in an Egyptian week of ten days. In this way the stars were observed and recorded over thousands of years, with incredible precision. These are known to us today as constellations, each one has its place in the sky and can be observed at a certain time.

“Planisphere of Dendera – Northern Hemisphere” by Wildfang represents tracks by ALMA, Amir Telem, Andreas Balicki, Don Son, Fake Shamans, Funkermonk, Guzy, Ioanis, Lars Neubert, Len Walker, Marc Grabber, Marius Drescher, Mauro Basso, Passierschein A38, Philipp Kempnich, P-Que, Rabih Rizk, Samaha, Sportbrigade Sparwasser, Stil & Bense and WOTAFAK.

“Planisphere of Dendera – Southern Hemisphere” by Wildfang represents tracks by 959er, Alex Kaminski, AAYA, Bakean, Christian Hülshoff, Epstein (LA), F.I.E.L.D.Y, Jesus Martino, Kapoor, Lev Tatarov, Martin HERRS, MEG, Oberheimer, Romano Maglia, Santanamusique, Serkan Eles, Shunus, Thommie G and Wasca.

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