A mystical Deep House track with a lost Anatolian folk sample – Meric releases his debut EP on Ladino Romance


Istanbul-based DJ and producer Meric releases his debut EP called „Hemshin“ on Ladino Romance. Known for his energetic live sets that fuse house with disco, Meric’s first official release is a mystical Deep House track that blends a lost Anatolian folk sample with blazing synths and some spoken word poetry from E. E. Cummings reading „Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town“. The folk sample comes courtesy of Nezih Ünen and was featured in his brilliant documentary, „The Lost Songs of Anatolia“. Remix duties are handled by Berlin-based coss alongside Turkish producers Anatolian Sessions and Analog Context.

The original track kicks things off with a percussion-heavy intro. While the chunky synth bassline nicely builds things up, Anatolian bagpipes soon take the lead and this is where things start to get really interesting. At the first drop, the ethnic vocals start working their magic. Atmospheric synths add further depth to the groove until Cummings’ poetry puts the final touch. Despite being under 5:00 minutes, it’s mysterious, multi-layered, unpredictable and quite danceable, too.


Anatolian Sessions feels right at home as he adds his signature deep house sound to the original. With a crisper remix that is right up his alley, Anatolian Sessions doesn’t disappoint. Taking his time while building things up with a deep bassline and reversing the order of bagpipes and vocals, he lets it drop around the 04:15 mark before picking it up again.

Analog Context puts a different spin on the original with crossovers to melodic techno. The end result is a proper banger that still preserves the depth of the original. Strong kicks and dreamy synths keep things tight on the dance floor while the bagpipes lead us through mysterious landscapes.

The final touch comes courtesy of Berlin-based coss who builds his remix around the Cummings poem. Pad textures and distorted vocals lay the framework nicely. What really stands out in the coss remix is the bold departure from the original in favor of exploring more unchartered waters. The pads and vocals echo early rave classics, while the groove keeps things trippy. Out from Ladino Romance, Meric’s first EP is an invitation to explore lost sonic landscapes, while treading new paths on the dancefloor.

Ladino Romance will release the EP on May 24th, 2019.