A powerful three track release – Nico Stojan and Timujin drop „Oktoberfest“ EP on Rebellion

RBL065_Final (1)

Esteemed artists Nico Stojan and Timujin make their debut on Rebellion this May with „Oktoberfest“, a powerful three track release that sees the duo collaborate for the first time. Nico explains: „This EP is made up of older tracks that Timur and myself made together two years ago while I was in London. We invited two musician friends and spent some days together in different studios.” The EP opens with the echoing charm of the title track, as a hypnotic vocal sample asserts itself in a foreign language. Next up, the guitar chords of ​“Satsang“ gently pluck away as flutes whirr behind a tempered kick. ​“Higher Altitude“ rounds the EP, as a guitar solo rolls along before giving way to a poignant array of shimmering mirraca sounds.

Rebellion will release the EP on May 24th, 2019.


01. Nico Stojan & Timujin – Oktoberfest
02. Nico Stojan & Timujin – Satsang
03. Nico Stojan & Timujin – Higher Altitude