The Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo are back with „Modular Session #2“


Photo: Nicolas Delorme

The Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo are back. After their mini album Modular Session #1 they return with a new pounding release. As with the first recording of the album, the two producers and also well known DJs have gone back to the French Massif Central. Modular Session #2 was created in a isolated mountain lodge surrounded by pure nature. Hard to believe, but true: In only one session they created four fresh Techno tracks with their typical french touch. The track Victims for example is characterized by surfaces and subtle beat, while the track African Rubber Band impresses with straight groove and minimal sounds and FX with an essential arrangement.The Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo recorded the EP only with their Modular Synths, completely puristic and without further modifications. Straight from the heart through the machine into the ear.

Find the EP on Spotify, iTunes and Beatport.