A homage to 90s rave culture – Kid Simius and Tender Games release „Human Beauty“


On „Human Beauty“ the spanish staple Kid Simius and Tender Games join forces to create a powerful single.

Kid Simius, who is known for his production in a lot of different genres and collaboration with many well known acts like Paul Kalkbrenner, Magit Cacoon, Marteria, Siriusmo, has been shifting more toward dance music this year and with Tender Games – who celebrated a string of well received goovers in 2019 – they created „Human Beauty“.

The track is a homage to 90s rave culture: a bass-heavy, emotional track that makes you dance as well as think. Pitched vocals fuse together with a layer of synths, arps and a floating jungle break. Lyrically the song revolves around the ever shifting standards of beauty, aestethic and the fact that chasing trends is a never ending rat race.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Kid Simius: Uli (Tender Games) sent me some demos after i met him in a show we had together in Istanbul. After listening to the demos, i told him that there was one where i could imagine making a song out of it.
He gave me his OK and i started working on the instrumental. When i had it almost done, we met to record the voices again with the new groove and to make the arrangement. After this we mixed it in Granada by Carlos Diaz at his analog studio and mastered it by Andres Young in Berlin. That’s all.

Where did you record it? And how?

The vocals and most of the instrumental tracks were recorded at my old studio in Lichtenberg, Berlin. We wanted the vocals to sound as it were sampled and not to sound like a singer singing on a instrumental track. So we decided to pitch the instrumental track 3 half tones higher and record a voice take of Uli. After this we took this voice take of Uli and pitch it down 3 half tones, then werecord again a new take with his normal running and pitching and we mix it together.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I have my own label called Jirafa Records, so we released the EP there.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, loads of stuff.Before the end of the year I’m releasing with the german-chinese band C.O.W. a track on Compost Records and in 2020 i will release an EP which features the spanish girl band Hinds with very cool remixes by Gerd Janson & Local Suicide etc. I’m also working right now on a EP with Wilde Renate resident Michal Zietara & obviously on new tracks by myself.

Tender Games: At the moment I am working on a few new project. First my next solo EP on Midnighsnacks, then another EP with berlin based Producer D.Y.A. and I have also been in the Studio with Marc Brauner who recently had his debut on Houseum and we’ve been cooking up some classic house tracks. And last but certainly not least I got features coming up with Laurence Guy and big Homie Till Von Sein – even though these features might not come out for a bit.

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