„Akte Eros“: EZRA presents his latest EP on Twin Town Productions


Future LoFi, Downtempo HiFi, Cosmic Funk or Modern Space House : EZRA combines rich basses and banging synths from the spheres of the 80s with sparkling hi-hats and crisp bass drums of modern times to a sound epic that combines the speed of hip-hop with the punch of house and techno in ecstasy.

For his next release EZRA opens a new chapter of TTPD061 in three acts with its second release „AKTE EROS“ on Twin Town Productions. What began in 2017 with the first EP „Clockwork“ is now turning into the new decade at half speed on „AKTE EROS“.

RHYTHMUS 22″ marks the beginning of „AKTE EROS“: the pulsating rhythm rises leisurely from the mist of the dance floor. What begins slowly becomes an odyssey of sound and smoke: chaos emerges from uniform vibrations, followed by a total system crash.

Back from the darkness, „EROS“ calls back onto the dance floor in the second act: hip-hop drums, funky basslines and popping snares bundle with chopped vocals to form a prism of rhythm and sound. Slowly the arpeggiator rises to the climax, hectically hissing the hi-hats. Rhythm becomes ecstasy, sound becomes EROS.

Outside of time and space, „FUTUR II“ opens the last act: beating basses, whipping claps and tactile percussions unite EZRA to a dynamic cosmos of arpeggio and drums. In this carpet of sound, only a soft piano and thundering bongos remind us of the organic origin. In „FUTUR II“ EZRA solves the dilemma of time and starts into new dimensions: with bass back to the Big Bang, with lead synths backwards into the future. LoFi becomes HiFi, dystopia becomes utopia: ASTRO DISCO.

trndmsk: What inspired you to release Akte Eros on Twin Town Production?

EZRA: The EP “Akte Eros” was originally composed and created within 3 days in 2017. It was actually meant to be released on my sample-based boom bap project “apOmorph”, but turned out to be more pushing to the dancefloor than I expected. I started with a tempo of 80 to 85 beats per minute, but the sound and the structure of the tracks was inspired by early house music, synthesizers from the 80s and the run-down sound of LoFi-House. Since the result didn’t really fit into apOmorph’s collection, I didn’t release it until Toni Tress – a friend and electronic music label owner – listened to it in 2019 and encouraged me to work out the structure, details and soundscape of the tracks for his label Twin Town Production.

What is your personal connection to the label?

Toni Tress and I met when we played some night club gigs together back in 2011. Since we liked each other’s music, we became friends and I finally released my first EP “Clockwork” on his label. We lost track but some years later in 2018, I visited him in his studio and showed him the early versions of “Akte Eros”. Since I was looking for a new place to stay at that time, he recommended me to group of friends, DJs and artists named “Marie22” who lived together in a huge flat next to the studio. In the end, I moved in, had a great time, fell in love with my roommate and the story started.

Do you remember a certain moment in the studio when you were working on Futur 2?

When I reworked and finished the tracks in the beginning of 2020, I was working on shift duty in a foster home for hardship cases and young offenders. I often worked in night shifts, but also tried to get ahead with my creative work. Finally, I was signed off sick from work because of mental overload. The original title of the EP was meant to be “Überforderungssyndrom”, which was the title of my sicknote. This period at home in my studio gave me time to recover, get my producing skills to a higher level and develop my artistic vision of EZRA. After I felt better, I changed the title to “Akte Eros”.

What was important to you about the aesthetics of the video – what do you associate with the visuals?

Since “Akte Eros” is inspired by analogue basslines of the 1980s and the flickering charm of old VHS, I mixed and cut 80s commercials and ancient space footage together to make EZRA’s vision of Arpeggio Disco, Cosmic Funk and Future LoFi come alive in this visual mash-up collage. Pascal Ignatius Hector from “keinezeitmedien” put the raw video through his amazing chain of video synthesizers, ancient TV broadcast gear and video mixers and gave it its unique style and final touch.

How did you survive the corona pandemic so far?

I’m also working as a part-time community social worker, I support and encourage homeless teenagers and young adults to find social and work-wise orientation and a safe place to stay. It supports and finances my creative work and brought me quite safe through the pandemic.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects for 2021?

I have a lot of plans for 2021! “Akte Eros” and the previous EZRA releases will be released on tape on my cassette label “KleinerSalon22”. And for this year’s Christmas, I will release a limited-edition video-mixtape on VHS that I made for EZRA’s last synth-pop and crème-wave mixtape “Disco Gelato”. I will also try to work more with video, collaborate with other artists and prepare my vinyl collection to – hopefully! – play again in front of people in the upcoming year 2021!

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