Rampue (Audiolith): “Without the tourists, the parties would only be half as good”

On December 7th, 2012, DJ and music producer Rampue from Berlin released a hit single. The catchy tune is called “Sonne, Park und Sterni” and was published by Hamburg independent label Audiolith Records. Nicolas Jaar, Grizzly, Berlin duo Trickski and Kraftwerk from Düsseldorf, Germany, are some of the artists inspiring him. Our reporter Mareike Köhler had the chance to interview the young musician.

Quelle: www.paulaidanperry.de

Quelle: www.paulaidanperry.de

trndmusik: You started producing beats at the age of 13. What motivated you to do that?

Rampue: My brother. And the music itself, really.

trndmusik: How long did it take you to find your own type of sound?

Rampue: Very long. To be honest, I am not sure I have found it yet because making music is a process and you progress like all the time.

trndmusik: What kind of music takes you through that process?

Rampue: Basically all kinds of electronic music.

trndmusik: How come you collaborate with Audiolith?

Rampue: They drew my attention back in 2005. At some point I got in touch with Juri Gagarin and Plemo. By co-working and producing remixes for Plemo I eventually managed to sneak in somehow.

trndmusik: What comes to your mind when you think about your first gig?

Rampue: A catastrophe. There was virtually no audience and I was extremely nervous.

trndmusik: What track could you listen to over and over again?

Rampue: Orbital – Halcyon on + on. And many more.

trndmusik: What will electronic music sound like in ten years?

Rampue: That’s a tough one. I don’t know whether or not music will still exist in the way we are used to it.

trndmusik: What’s most difficult when producing music?

Rampue: Fitting the music to match the way you want it to sound like. I quite often overstuff my tracks which makes them sound mushy.

trndmusik: Do you have a certain procedure when producing music?

Rampue: No, I simply start. This can very often lead to nothing. Or shit, to be precise.

trndmusik: You have done quite a lot of remixes for your label colleagues. Anything planned?

Rampue: Oh, for sure. Basically all the time. Whenever I like the original tracks and when they give me something I can work with.

trndmusik: You currently live in Berlin. What do you think about the reactions towards the Berlin tourist flow?

Rampue: I was Born in Karl-Marx-Stadt but sometimes I cannot really understand the reactions. Of course, I am also annoyed about the exaggerating club tourists looking for the best weekend of their lives. But without them, the parties would only be half as good.