1 Stunde und 5 Minuten Maceo Plex

Jeden Monat veröffentlicht Mixmag, ein monatlich erscheinendes britisches Magazin, welches erstmals am 1. Februar 1983 erschienen ist, neben der neuesten Ausgabe auch eine Cover-CD. In diesem Monat war der gebürtige US-Amerikaner Maceo Plex an der Reihe. Der Wahlspanier hat dazu ein mehr als einstündiges Mixtape kreiert. Wieso er genau diese 15. Werke ausgewählt hat, erklärt Eric Estornel, so sein bürgerlicher Name, selbst.


01. Makoto – Sapphire Eyes
„Ever since I received this promo I’ve been trying to think of the perfect setting to play it. It’s the Perfect mood-setter.”

02. Kiasmos – Thrown
“Another great intro track from one of my favourite labels at the moment. And why not have two intros?”

03. Matt John – The River
“I’ve loved Matt John’s productions for years now, and I’ve been playing this one all summer.”

04. Lars Wickinger – Dropout
“A great groove and smooth vocal, chugging but musical.”

05. Pan-Pot – Rosinen bomber
“A monster of a dark track, but here I only play the beginning interlude with its great voice samples and effects.”

06. Ten Walls – Requiem
“Ten Walls end the year with this simple but emotional groover that features a great deep horn bass sound.”

07. Maceo Plex – Stimulation
“One of my most well-rounded tracks because it encompasses all the things I try to write in music: futurism, groove, electro, dreaminess and melody. I also love using a dark vocoder whenever I can.”

08. Moonstarr – C-minus Particles
“Continuing the electro vibe but with a more classic feel, I decided to make an edit of this slow burning interplanetary beauty and place it gently in the mix.”

09. Le Carousel – Winter Months (Hacker Remix)
“Great use of synths, as usual by The Hacker, and he keeps it super-deep.”

10. Joe Goddard – Bassline 12”
“Love the classic Roland drums and melody. I never get tired of this track.”

11. Good Guy Mikesh – Place Of Love (MP Edit)
“Pure genius. It’s touchingly melodic and made everyone at DC10 and Amnesia float and even caused a sit-down during the piano break!”

12. Maceo Plex – Thank You Larry
“I wrote this when feeling nostalgic while listening to early techno tracks. Larry Heard has inspired everyone, so I thought I’d give him my thanks.”

13. Maceo Plex & Maars – Going Back
It was fun using Florence Bird’s rendition of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’. We wanted to keep it dark; I think it came out nice.”

14. Liaisons D – Stress Free
“I’ve been playing my edit of this classic record everywhere, so I thought I’d put it in.”

15. Murr feat. Rosina – Dive into the Deepest (Maceo Mix)
“When I heard the original I wrote to Noah Pred at Thoughtless Music and asked if he would let me remix it. I’m glad I did.”

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