trndmsk Podcast #18 – Emil Berliner

Emil Berliner from the year 1888: “Future generations will be able to condense within the space of twenty minutes a tone picture of a single life time. Five minutes of a child’s prattle, five of the boy’s exultation, five of the man’s reflections, and five from the feeble utterances from the death-bed.”

German-born American inventor Emile Berliner is considered the originator of the gramophone and gramophone records. More than 100 years later, an Austrian DJ and music producer paid tribute to him by choosing Berliner’s German name as his stage name: Emil Berliner from Vienna. The musician, who refuses to have a fan page on facebook, works with many different genres and musical backgrounds. He digs classical music as well as music from the sixties and looks for diverse sounds, thereby constantly broadens his musical horizon. All this was represented by his track named “Flummifreuden” which made him known to the international electronic music business. Following Florian Meindl, Emil Berliner is the second Austrian music producer responsible for one of our podcasts: #18.

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