Treasure chest: “Electronic Dreams” and “French Touch”


On Saturday, February 9th, 2014, German-French cultural TV channel “ARTE” broadcasted multiple concerts and a documentary. The theme night started with French electronic music scene by showing five 30-minute live recordings (“Electronic Dreams”) featuring Laurent Garnier at Paris night club “Trabendo”. Those were followed by performances by Chloé, Âme, Jackson & His Computer Band and Berlin trio Brandt Brauer Frick. The night was concluded by “French Touch” – a documentary about the origin of French House. In 1999, French music was in such great demand that the Brits – ruling the Pop music universe since the Beatles were founded in 1960 – established a new term to describe the phenomenon: French Touch. The 50-minute film deals with the French electronic music boom that was triggered in the 1990s and its predominant bands: Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Stardust and many more.

“Electronic Dreams”: Laurent Garnier

“Electronic Dreams”: Brandt Brauer Frick

“Electronic Dreams”: Chloé

“Electronic Dreams”: Jackson & His Computer Band

“Electronic Dreams”: Âme

“French Touch”

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