NTFO: “It was the most important step for our carrers to join Diynamic Music”

Jimbolia noch nicht gehört? Kann gut sein. Aus Jimbolia, einem kleinen rumänischen Städtchen, kommen Dani und Robert – die zwei Künstler, die hinter NTFO stehen und seit 2012 zur DIY-Familie aus Hamburg gehören. Seit der ersten Vinylveröffentlichung Anfang 2010 haben die Zwei eine steile Karriere hingelegt. Langweilig wird es bei Dani und Robert, die noch in Rumänien leben, nicht.

Ab dem 10. Februar 2014 ist die neue EP auf Kiara Records erhältlich und im Interview berichten die beiden Musiker, wie sie Solomun kennenlernten, was derzeit in der rumänischen Musikszene passiert und wie wichtig es ist, von einem bekanntem Label supportet zu werden.


trndmusik: Hej you two! You are the duo NTFO – what are the letters for?

NTFO: Hello there! Before started to create our own music we used to perform as DJ’s in our hometown so we just simply  tooked first two letters from our Dj nick names like : NTQ (Dani) and Fort (Robert).

trndmusik: When do you start making music? And was there a key moment to start with it?

NFTO: We know each other from childhood , we grew up together on the same street so was easy to share the same taste in music later and start exchange some records as well. A good common friend of us showed us Propellerhead Reason 3.0 in 2006 so this was the key moment when we started to learn and produce later the  very first remix on Toolroom.

trndmusik: For those people who don’t know you – describe in just a few sentences your musicstyle?

NTFO:  We never had a clear music style in our mind. We started with electro then we walked into minimal-techno, tech-house and deep. Right now our style could be described by dancefloor tracks, peakhour tunes and not only.. It depends on our mood, by the timeplay so on.

trndmusik: You also belong to the DIY-Family from Hamburg. What do you think how important it is to have a well-known label supporting you?

NTFO:  Yes, it was the most important step for our carrers to join DIY-Booking and Diynamic Music  in 2012. A big Imprint like Diynamic can offer you a lot of opportunities like exposure on the big scene and the chance to play alongside big artists. For us it is a pleasure to be part of this family.

trndmusik: What’s about the electronic music-scene in Romania?

NTFO: In Romania the movement is really good, especially in Bucharest because there are the most biggest events. Almost each weekend you can find a very good party with a nice headliner. Also we have a lot of new good talents and also so many events in cities like Timisoara, Cluj, Craiova and many more.

trndmusik: In January 2010 you had your first vinyl release. What was happened since then?

NTFO:  The ‘Allure’ LP was our very first album and it will be the only one for a long time because we are not planning to do a new one very soon. So since 2010 we had quite a lot of releases on very nice labels like Diynamic, Get Physical, Kiara, Sintope, Jargon! and few others. We had the first collaboration with our mate Rhadow in 2011 on ‘Conclusions’ and then 2012 has bringed a team-up with Karmon on “Nobody Els”e for Diynamic. Each eight / nein months we did a collabo series with Rhadow called ‘Slagare’ and a brand new  one should be done in may/june this year.
2013 brings a new project for us: “Jargon” – a brand new label dedicated only for us and our closer friends: Rhadow, ICS, Monkey Coops and Karmon.

trndmusik: What are your latest releases and what are you doing currently?

NTFO:  We just released two weeks ago a remix on Fortyone which is doin very well in charts and got some nice support on. We worked quite allot in last three months and we have done two stand alone NTFO ep’s + last week we just finished our brand new stuff with Karmon. The next EP will come out in 10 february on Kiara Records, a very cool label from Spain, with remixes from Mihai Popoviciu and Rhadow.

trndmusik: How was the first contact with Solomun?

NTFO:  Well, we met Solomun first time in our City – Timisoara because we played a warm up for one of alltimeclubbing parties in 20111. Later in middle 2012 we had the chance to meet him in Hamburg when we played at EGO and it was super nice.


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