trndmsk Special-Podcast – Anthony Rother

Special-Podcast - Anthony Rother

Anthony Rother first became popular in the German Techno scene in the late 1990s when he released “Sex With The Machines” (1997) and “Simulationszeitalter” (2000). In 1998, the music producer (who currently lives in Offenbach, Hesse) founded his record label platform Psi49Net and became an essential part of the electronic music scene with his virtual Electro-Pop project Little Computer People and the release of his 2002 album “Hacker”. Psi49Net was replaced by Datapunk in 2004 symbolising the change of Anthony’s sound; his two LPs “Popkiller” and “Super Space Model” attest this change. In addition to his international DJ performances, Anthony Rother currently promotes two of his hardware-based live activity projects. The Frankfurt-born DJ recorded an one-hour set for us which we’d like to publish as a special podcast.

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