Coyu (Suara): „Germany is the Mecca for electronic music for the last 25 years“

Coyu alias Ivan Ramos from Barcelona is one the most famous Producers and DJs of the new generation from Spain. In our Interview he spoke about the his own Label Suara, the art of DJing, the music scene in Spain and EDM.


Coyu, although 2014 is already more than a month old, how has 2013 been for you? Which Producers were the most inspiring in the last couple of months for you?

Coyu: It was great, it was the best year of my life and also for the label. Suara had its first overall number one hit on Beatport with ‘Imprint of Pleasure’ by Tube & Berger. It was also the most sold track of 2013 on Beatport. It was some kind of revolution for the Label. Suara was already doing well but ‘Imprint of Pleasure’ gave us the chance to do bigger things. More people started to follow the label on Facebook and Soundcloud. But it wasn’t only because of this one track, we also had hits like ‘I Am Somebody’ by Technasia and a few others. That is why we were the most charted label of 2013 on Resident Advisor.

As a producer and DJ I also had a very good year and I had a lot of bookings due to my new agency. My productions also went very well and I had two EPs on Cocoon and one on Tronic. My remix of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ was in the overall Top 10 of Beatport and Number 1 in the Tech House Charts. However, I think 2014 will be even better.

trndmusik: Besides your label, which artists inspire you at the moment?

Coyu: We will release a track by a guy called Vario Volinski. It’s his first release on Beatport. I feel it’s gonna be really huge. We already have offers from big major labels that would like to license the track although it is not yet released. I think Volinski will be someone who will be really big in the future.

In general, I am very much inspired by the artists on Suara so I am very happy. They’re not the most famous names but they do extremely well. For example, Sonic Future from Brazil were completely unknown even in Brazil. We signed ‘Move Your Hips’ for Suara in September and it is still in the Beatport Top 100 Deep House charts with so many Deep House tracks being released nowadays. Same thing for Veerus & Maxie Devine from Italy. Sometimes you don’t have to look for the big guys, it’s better to look at the new generation.

trndmusik: Talking about your Label: do you have a certain vision for it?

Coyu: Suara is very eclectic. It’s everything I think of as quality music except Dubstep, EDM and so on. We don’t like that. But from Deep House, Indie House to Powerful Techno. Our style is to have no style and just release quality music. I think I am also very eclectic as a producer. I can play very deep if that’s what’s needed but also hard techno.

trndmusik: So when you perform you look at the reaction of the audience and then you decide what you play instead of having certain tracks in mind before you start playing?

Coyu: Exactly. Of course you always have certain tracks in mind, like new ones or a classic. When I arrive at the venue I take a look at the atmosphere and the people. Then I start to think about the tracks I want to play and when I recognise for example the crowd is not dancing to the deeper stuff I play something harder or just the opposite.

It’s about looking in the eyes of the people and seeing what they want. For me a party is fifty percent the DJ and fifty percent the people. Otherwise if I do well but people don’t dance, I’m not happy.

trndmusik: What type of event do you prefer to perform, the more intimate shows, playing in a large club or at a festival like Sonar?

Coyu: They are quite different Parties. I think it’s cool to play for 200-300 people because you can see every reaction from he crowd. When you play a festival you can only see hands and heads. You cannot identify anyone. But I also had a lot fun in large clubs. I think both are cool.

trndmusik: You are currently working on your debut artist album. There are lot of ways to find inspiration for Music. How do you find your inspiration and what are you planing for your album?

Coyu: I think my album will be quite different and personal. I want to keep the club tracks for the singles and I want to release something that shows a side of me that people wouldn’t expect. Some people don’t know my musical background, they don’t know that I love Trip Hop or IDM for example. I am a big fan of Massive Attack, Portishead but also Aphex Twin or even Coldplay. I want to show everyone who I am. It will be quite interesting to see the reactions of my fans and the media, although I am not sure when I will release it, probably in 2015.

trndmusik: You do a lot of remixes. Is there any Track you would like to remix but haven’t yet had the chance to?

Coyu: Of course, there are thousands of tracks, some classics and pop songs. However, I am happy with the remixes I have done so far. I’m trying to be quite picky by only choosing tracks that I like. The original mix has to have something, that makes me thrill, that excites me like a kicking Bassline. Otherwise I can’t do a remix.

trndmusik: We notice you perform in Germany a lot. What is your favourite club to play in and how do you rate the current scene here?

Coyu: Germany is the Mecca for electronic music for the last 25 years. So for me it is always very exciting to play there. I remember the first time coming to Berlin ten years ago. It is not only about club culture, the whole city is inspiring. My favourite club is possibly Watergate, I played there a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun. But there are a lot of clubs I haven’t been and where I would love to play, for example Berghain/Panorama Bar.

I would also love to play in Frankfurt, I have never been there. The city is quite important to me because I was very into Techno and Trance in the past. All the music that was released in the middle of the 90s was very inspiring for me and a lot of this stuff came out of Frankfurt. I really liked labels and artists such as Harthouse, Hardfloor, Spicelab, Jiri Ceiver and many projects by Sven Väth, especially Barbarella.

trndmusik: What can you say about the electronic music scene in Spain?

Coyu: We are in a very bad economic situation right now and that affects the club scene. We had an amazing festival scene in the past and still have some great festivals. But it is not the same any more, especially with regards to the club scene. The people don’t have money to go out every weekend. Many big clubs have closed and some will follow. Fortunately we still have some clubs. In Barcelona, where I live, the scene is great. We have a lot of clubs doing big international line ups every weekend. If you live in Madrid or Barcelona you can find good clubs every weekend but if you are from a smaller city it becomes difficult.

Concerning the artists and DJs we are in the best moment of history. Edu Imbernon and Dosem for example. I did an amazing back2back2back with them at the last Suara night. There’s also Uner who released his first LP on Diynamic back in February for example and Affkt, Los Suruba… there are many guys doing well nowadays.

trndmusik: What do you think about the general explosion of electronical dance music (EDM) in popular music recently?

Coyu: I would say it is not completely bad. It is good that more people are enjoying electronic music but in my opinion they only really get to know the bad side of it. The young kids have too much information, they are overwhelmed by information. When I was a kid, 16 or 17 years old, the unique information that you could get was from the music stores and magazines. Now the kids only listen to YouTube and crap like that. Also, the mainstream is more powerful now so people can use all the new technology to spread their Guetta songs and turn the people to the dark side of electronic music.

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Interview by Philipp Kutter.