Free Download: Antime gives away remixes


Berlin record label Antime is happy to give away a bundle of remixes today. We are talking about “Wait For Me” and “Sissy Fuzz” remixes (both tracks off Fontarrian‘s “vlv” debut album; March 2014) by Unifono, Cuki, Einer Weniger, Oberst & Buchner, Midimim, Occupanther and ^L. trndmusik provides all seven tracks as a free download.


01. Fontarrian – Wait For Me (Unifono Remix)
[wpdm_file id=58]
02. Fontarrian – Wait For Me (Cuki Remix)
[wpdm_file id=59]
03. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (Einer Weniger Remix)
[wpdm_file id=60]
04. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (Oberst & Buchner Remix)
[wpdm_file id=61]
05. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (Midimum’s Sliced Remix)
[wpdm_file id=62]
06. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (Occupanther Remix)
[wpdm_file id=63]
07. Fontarrian – Sissy Fuzz (^L Remix)
[wpdm_file id=64]

Also, Fontarrian recently published a music video to “Now U Talkin’ Change, Huh?”: