Rey & Kjavik: “I produce music, you either feel it or leave it”

On June 30th, 2014, German music project Rey & Kjavik will bring his new EP into stores: “Prototype”. Until recently the public didn’t even know the musician behind his alias. His name draws attention to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and that happens for a reason. The music producer wants his music to speak for itself instead of faces or tattoos. He gave us an interview to talk about why he wants his identity to be kept secret, about his new release (stream premiere by trndmsk) and Rey & Kjavik Records.


Photo: Mowrez Pezeshki

trndmusik: Rey & Kjavik, what’s behind that alias?

Rey & Kjavik: That’s simple: Rey & Kjavik.

trndmusik: Why do you want your identity to be kept secret?

Rey & Kjavik: It’s all about our music. I believe that music can stand for itself and always finds its audience. Neither one guy, nor the background story, nor tattoos, nor leather jackets should distract the listener from what’s really important. I produce music, you either feel it or leave it. That’s the way it should be.

trndmusik: Where did you get the idea to call yourself Reyjkavik? Are you somewhat bound to Iceland’s capital?

Rey & Kjavik: A football match on the telly, two fans, Iceland playing Germany, live from Reykjavik. Live from where? That’s it.

trndmusik: Your new EP, “Prototype”, is due to be release by the end of June. You said it is your best production ever. Why?

Rey & Kjavik: I just had that feeling that I pushed my production standards to a higher level when I finished producing it. In every situation in life I try to make the best of it. I think that’s what sets us apart. Also, I should add that music is a matter of taste. I’m sure that there will be some listeners preferring my previous tracks, but that’s just fine!

trndmusik: The 3-track EP will be the first release of your own record label. Why did you found a new label?

Rey & Kjavik: It’s just that I’ve always done those things in life that I wanted to. Right now it was the desire to release the tunes on my own, so I did that exactly. No standby time, no ahead-of-schedule work, no blathering about A&R and all that stuff. When a track leaves my studio it’s exactly what I want and I don’t care about label sounds or the opinion of others. Like it or leave it, that’s what every artist should believe in. Rey & Kjavik is 100% us – no regulations, only intentions!

trndmusik: Will Rey & Kjavik Records publish your own releases only?

Rey & Kjavik: That’s the plan. Also, I’d like to release remix EPs every now and then. The first remix EP of “Prototype” is in the making.

trndmusik: You stand for G-House in the German-speaking world. Other known acts are Amine Edge and DANCE, mainly active in France. What’s behind that genre and why do you like G-House so much?

Rey & Kjavik: That’s as much an issue as our origin. I got into that somehow, probably due to the dark way I interpret House music, the vocals and lyrics that are completely self-made or the HipHop elements I currently use. In our eyes I don’t produce G-House and I’m not from Iceland. I make House music with our own attitude: “Made in Frankfurt”!

Interview by Benjamin Reibert.