trndmsk Special-LFP-Podcast – Amir & Butch

Special-LFP-Podcasz - Amir & Butch

Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, North, South, West, East, across country – Love Family Park organisers have finally found a new home. Very close to the center of the Rhine-Main area, still with a countryside view to fall in love with: the Mainz fairground. They will not only deliver love and the family but also a park: it’s safe to say that some visitors will rub their eyes in disbelief when they see large green lawns, beautifully refreshing water curtains, spacious awnings and much more. Sven Väth, Âme, Chris Liebing, Luciano, Marco Carola and Ricardo Villalobos will be playing alongside two Mainz-based music producers: Amir and Butch. On this special occasion the two DJs have produced a two-hour LFP mix for us.

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