Dancing and dreaming: Meinhardsøn gives away “visions”

Meinhardsøn starts the musical journey in “visions” with Kick, patiently leading listeners through a lovely detailed soundscape. “visions” truly is a dreamlike song: the recurring melodies don’t put you into sleep but in trance. You blind out the surrounding world and your eyes are shut. Still, your mind’s eye makes you envision shapeless moves which you keep following without objection. And, without you even realizing, your body has translated the moves forcing you to bob until the final sound has vanished. Eyes are open.


Meinhardson is a 24-year-old student from Stuttgart. Music has always been an essential part of his life as he uses that to escape everyday life for a little while. It’s hardly surprising that the escaping expert gives you so much space to dream in his tracks.

The young artist works as DJ, too. Might be at private parties, and even at established clubs such as Stuttgart Zollamt. Running a small but mighty blog dedicated to electronic music, he draws strength from his broad musical horizon as well as highly coveted workshops with Johannes Heil and Patrick Lindsey.

We think it’s remarkable when hobby music producers manage to produce high quality material with concentrated passion. That’s why you should follow his example, download the track via trndmusik and start being creative. Our culture needs a brisk wind.
Or you could simply shut your eyes and listen to visions

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