Boss Axis: remix of Patrick Muschiol’s “Back Home”


On August 11th, 2014, music duo Boss Axis will release five remixes of “Golden Hour”, their latest single, via Stuttgart imprint Parquet Recordings. The EP includes remixes by Microtrauma, Daso, Sebastian Boldt, Twisted Elements and Pen Perry. But before that, the two guys from Thuringia are happy to give away a track of theirs. “Our colleague and friend Patrick Muschiol produced the original track called “Back Home”. Producing the remix was not only a matter of friendship, but also personal taste since we felt inspired by the topic and title of the track.” Their version of “Back Home” perfectly suits the days people spend travelling. “It’s a good song to reflect about impressions and experiences”, say the two music producers. Since the track has been part of their sets for a long time, people started asking for its release. “We decided to give the remix away for free because we wanted to share the track’s vibes with our fans and friends.”

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