Ali Love: “With our thoughts we make the world”

ali love

trndmusik: Your sound is a mixture of contemporary Deep House with catchy vocals (even though some tracks are instrumental) and 80’s-inspired synthies. Where did you get inspiration for the new album?

Ali Love: I get a lot of inspiration from the equipment I use. I love my DMX drum machine from the early 80’s and my Juno 60. For a few of the tracks I got these two old machines to talk to each other and make a rhythmic track completely out of sync with any modern track made on a computer. On a less technical side, I simply let my life be my inspiration. To be honest, there’s only about three or four House-like tracks on this record. The other tracks are a lot more left field and funky. I’ve purposely put three or four instrumentals on the record since I do more than just singing and wanted that to come across on the album.

trndmusik: In 2012, you said in an interview that “what you sing or write can sometimes become a self-fulfilling prophecy”, which could be dangerous. Did you avoid this on your new LP or do you think you will become an Egyptian Spaceman?

Ali Love: Haha, well revised! I do remember saying that at some point. Amy Winehouse’s drummer said it to me. Isn’t it Buddha who said that with our thoughts we make the world? I think that’s very true. This current record is a very positive one. I hope it will spread good vibes throughout the universe and beyond.

trndmusik: How much of an advantage is the fact that you (as a singer) are in a position to actually write and sing by yourself, give expression to the lyrics with your own voice?

Ali Love: I never thought that I would become a singer. I write a lot of my songs with a guitar / keyboard. They’re something I work on over a long period of time sitting at the kitchen table, on the couch, at the back of a tour bus. Lyrics are an ongoing process that never leaves your mind. Someone might say a phrase or a word or you see a sign in the street and suddenly you’re like: “Oh, that’s the missing word I was looking for.” It’s a very strange process but being able to vocalize your own lyrics is a joy.

trndmusik: You once (2010) said that you’ve been inspired by Disco acts such as Aeroplane and Lindstrom. How do you like the contemporary music scene, who inspires you these days?

Ali Love: The scene is really healthy at the moment. There are some great people coming up and a lot of great albums. I love the moodymann LP that has been on repeat for a while now. The Todd Terje LP is mind-boggling and very well made. Obviously, with Infinity Ink we play current electronic music but the majority of the set is mainly our own productions or those of our crew. The new Art Department stuff is really great; I usually refer to the classics most of the time. The best thing I saw recently was The Pixes at Glastonbury – they made me want to pick up a guitar and start a Rock ‘n’ Roll band.

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