“I am from India” by niju


“I am from India” – that’s the title of Mannheim DJ and music producer niju‘s newest production. As we provide the song as a free download we talked to the young musician about the concept, development and release of the track.

trndmusik: Your new track is titled “I am from India”. When did you first think of producing the track?

niju: That was absolutely spontaneous. I was watching this documentary picturing an Indian farmer as he talked about his life when I realised that not only the content matter, but also the sound of the farmer talking were inspiring and actually usable for the vocals.

trndmusik: Where did you produce the track? How did you produce it?

niju: “I am from India” is officially home-made. Also, I recorded some of the samples used in my tracks at the potato field round the corner.

trndmusik: The melody is quite dreamy including distorted vocals. What are the reasons for that?

niju: Music has always been a channel for me to set free my emotions– that’s probably where the dreamy aspect comes from. And I consciously distorted the vocals to make them fit my notion.

trndmusik: Why do you give the track away for free? Why not release it via a record label?

niju: I don’t produce music to earn money. I’m happy when I can give pleasure to people with my music. Besides, I really Iike trndmusik. Concerning record labels, I’ve got a few other projects ready to be released and a few things I will only publish when the time is right.

trndmusik: In conclusion: How did you like this year’s Fusion festival?

niju: Impressive, fantastic and charming. Besides my own performance Fusion has always been the most inspirational annual event to me.

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