Ill-Luzion’s “Aufbruch”


Music producer Ill-Luzion, born in Donetsk in 1986, has finished working on a new track: “Aufbruch” was produced during his stay in the Netherlands. It’s the third time he decided to provide one of his tracks for free via trndmusik following “Regrets” and “The Fog”.

trndmusik: What’s the story behind that track?

Ill-Luzion: I’ve just finished my apprenticeship as IT specialist which took me a lot of time. So that’s actually the first opportunity to create something new in years – a track that is not meant to appear on the album (editor’s note: “Midnight Visions”). Also, I switched back to Windows but noticed real quickly that Cubase cannot replace my beloved Logic, so I didn’t have much time and money to proceed. Now, the stress is gone and I feel happy to get back to work.

trndmusik: Where did you produce the track?

Ill-Luzion: I started with the basic concept at home. As I said, the last time I wrote a new track is ages ago. I didn’t get any satisfying results after hours, everything I did seemed constrained due to me being out of practice and a lack of time. I saved the project and lost sight of it but then finished it during my stay in the Netherlands when I had time and motivation. The majority of my tracks are programmed with notebooks; the fine tuning I do at home using a Midi keyboard and studio monitors.

trndmusik: Why do you provide it for free again?

Ill-Luzion: I’ve finally reached my goal to release an album after five years of hard work and agony. I’d like to do things more casually, try new things without searching for concepts. The collaboration with trndmusik works very straightforwardly and we don’t have much of a different taste. That’s a good opportunity for me to seek opinions on my music before I start with new tracks. Besides, I found the Four To The Floor drums to be disturbing on my album and it’s the same with the new track. I’d like to experimentalise more for the projects to come. “Midnight Visions” was produced during my Deep House and Tech House stage – I had a lot of input since then and wanted to turn them to account. I like the fact that the title is German. That creates a new atmosphere – a change of scenery, so to speak.

trndmusik: What’s up next?

Ill-Luzion: I’ll start working on a new EP, that’s a lot easier for me because I can try new things without ruffle or excitement. I hope that I learned from the mistakes I did in “Midnight Visions”.

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