Presents by MERCIER: “Soap” and “Girl”


Music producer MERCIER used to play Jazz piano and likes to combine these elements with classic Techno/Funk and Disco sounds. The artists gives away two tracks – “Soap” and “Girl” – and talked to us about the production and impact of the songs.

trndmusik: Where did you get the idea to produce the tracks?

MERCIER: Concerning “Soap”: all it took was a hot bath, dimmed lights and soap to have a good evening. I was inspired by the movie “Superfly” and wanted to convey this mood musically. Mixing the different Rhodes melodies turned out to be the key element of the calm and yet motivating musical tub. And on “Girl”: virtual, analogue or real– everybody knows the feeling of having to look at a person or a picture of the person again and again, wondering who the person belongs to. That feeling is most powerful at the end of a long night. I tried to depict this naive late-night affection.

trndmusik: Where did you produce the songs? And how?

MERCIER: Most of my songs come up during jam sessions at the studio. The specific atmosphere emerges analogous to the development of the track. I do also start with Jazz sounds and try to build the song around the samples. It’s essential to me that the album tracks and the tracks played live share the same sound, so you can hear that the tracks were played live while listening to the album.

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trndmusik: Why do you give them away for free?

MERCIER: Both songs illustrate the jam session facets and challenge listening habits socialised by the expansion of electronic music. My aim is to close the gap between producing and live performances as both modes have their own claims. Since I used to play Jazz I think that we’ve got to bring “live” back to the dancefloors. Even though it does sound less smooth and well-produced, the session’s uniqueness intensifies the relationship to the audience. Also, I think that audio mastering, thus eliminating pleasant mistakes and side noises makes electronic music lose a lot of its recoginition value.

trndmusik: What’s up next on your to-do list?

MERCIER: I currently plan on a release but still looking for the right record label. Further than that I want to perform and improve my sounds.

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