“Aktiv Naiv” by Swiss Ben Yoo Suk


Ben Yoo Suk from Switzerland has finished working on his new track. It’s titled “Aktiv Naiv” and was produced during an home session. We talked to the Zurich music producer about how he produced the track and why he would give it away for free.

trndmusik: “Aktiv Naiv” – that’s the title of your newest production. How come?

Ben Yoo Suk: I don’t name my tracks before they’re finished– unless I’m inspired by the production process itself giving me ideas that fit the sound. When I can’t think of a name before the track is finished I usually listen to the song with my eyes shut and use my first thoughts as the title.

trndmusik: Who’s responsible for the vocals?

Ben Yoo Suk: I used the vocals from a speech I discovered recently and mixed the passages up. The vocals fit the song’s mood and expression perfectly.

trndmusik: What inspired you and how did you produce the track technically?

Ben Yoo Suk: In most cases I use computer and piano with a basic concept in mind but the melodies arise somehow during the recording. I started playing the piano, looked for chords and eventually started working with them on the computer. Other ideas, melodies and instruments were added during the production process. The vocals I added in the end when the base frame was finished.

trndmusik: And where did you produce the track?

Ben Yoo Suk: I designed my room in a way that I’m always ready to work on my music. My equipment is quite modest compared to other DJs but it’s enough for me. I produced the song at home as with most of my solo tracks.

trndmusik: How long did you take for the production?

Ben Yoo Suk: This one definitely took me the longest, I’ve worked a few weeks on it. It’s hard to tell how long exactly since I don’t have enough time to work on it every day. I guess it took me over 100 hours and it’s definitely my dearest track so far.

trndmusik: In conclusion: Why do you give it away as a free download?

Ben Yoo Suk: I love making music but it’s not my intention to make money with it. I want to reach out for people and share the appreciation. I go to work to make money and don’t need my tracks to do that for me. Still, I’m a passionate music producer, so I don’t see any reasons to not give it away for free. I prefer people to share, download and listen to my tracks.

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