Anatol: Sea of clouds, evening sun and a feeling


Music producer Anatol has to confess that “it’s not easy to write something about your own track”. He got the idea to produce “Till The Sun Comes Out” when he was on his flight from Bilbao back to Vienna. “I was looking out the window and saw a sea of clouds colored red by the evening sun. Somehow that aroused a feeling of capaciousness in me.” That’s the feeling he had in mind when he produced the track.

The plan was to add “Till The Sun Comes Out” to his new EP “but somehow I felt that it didn’t fit the other tracks, so I wanted to provide a free download.”

The Austrian music producer is happy to release two EPs in the next few months. “One of them is my own Organic House-like EP, the other one is a collaboration with Jules Heffner expressing our affection for G-House.”

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