Bassmelodie and Shuja remix Jasmine Thompson


Music producer Bassmelodie was introduced to Freiburg musician Shuja by Ohrklang member Dave Leon. “Ohrklang organises parties around Freiburg. Since we’re both DJs it was inevitable to meet each other at some point”, says Bassmelodie. The two musicians recently produced a remix together. “I was amazed by Dan Caster’s edit of Coldplay’s “Magic”. I’ve played that track in clubs as it’s emotional and danceable. A few weeks later, I met wonderful Jasmine Thompson by accident.” Bassmelodie asks artists for permission before he starts working on remixes: “Fortunately, Jasmine Thompson said ‘yes'”. Their version was produced in Bassmelodie’s studio: “We started working in early August followed by a six-week break as Bassmelodie was touring South-East Asia. Two months later, we met for a final session and finally finished the track”, says Shuja. The two artists decided to give the track away via trndmusik: “trndmusik has supported me since day one. Finally, it’s time to recipocrate.”

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