Beatkind: remix of Sean Bradford’s “What You Need”


US-American musician Sean Bradford released his debut EP in spring. A few months ago, he moved from New York to Berlin to be part of the electronic music scene and to work on his next solo project. The singer wants to release a collaboration with Cologne-based duo Beatkind, signed by Great Stuff Recordings, in October 2014: “What You Need”. Their version will be released as a free download, without any record label.

trndmusik: How did you get in contact with Beatkind?

Sean Bradford: We first met at the Art of House party in Cologne last spring. We instantly respected each other’s music, so we felt a desire to work together sometime.

trndmusik: What was the basic thought behind the “What You Need” remix?

Sean Bradford: I love their style and thought that they could create an unique version– which they did.

trndmusik: Where did you produce the track?

Sean Bradford: The original song was part of my debut EP, produced by me and K Sonik in Toronto.