Freiboitar: remix of Shari Callista’s “Naked”


Freiboitar from Cologne recently produced a remix for Cologne singer Shari Callista. His version of “Naked” is aimed to be played at dark dance floors taking a gloomy path. The two musicians, who are planning further joint releases in the future, provide the song for free via trndmusik.

trndmusik: What’s the aspiration of your remix?

Freiboitar: My aim is to bring the track to dark dance floors taking a gloomy path.

Shari: As a song writer, the track’s substance is as important to me as the sound. I’m inspired by everyday situations and observations. “Naked” is all about the facade we tend to gather to protect ourselves.

trndmusik: Where and how did you produce the track?

Shari: I thought that my song “Naked” was a good Deep House fit, so I asked my friend and DJ Freiboitar if he was up for experimenting. We’ve known each other since a long time, I admire his work and we’ve done a 1980s cover before. The result is an evil track that adds a deep dimension to the topic.

Freiboitar: I started with the vocal chorus and a Juno 106 bass. Then I added Jackin Drums to make the track march forward.

trndmusik: Why do you provide it as a free download?

Freiboitar: Shari wanted the track to reach out to as many people as possible. And that works best with a free download.

Shari: It’s about sharing your music with people. And that works best with a free download.

trndmusik: What’s up next?

Freiboitar: There are many new songs coming up. I always keep in touch with Shari. We frequently record vocals for other Deep House artists. Concerning my Freiboitar solo career, I’m about to release a track via a major underground label.

Shari: I hope that we will share further music projects, we don’t lack ideas. I’m about to produce an EP in October, it’s due to be in stores by the end of the year. On a musical basis, I left classic Pop and made my sound a lot darker. This could also turn out to be a collaboration with Freiboitar. I’m very much looking forward to that!

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