“I See Clouds Coming Our Way” by UNFUG


UNFUG from Bargteheide, Schleswig-Holstein, says that he is nuts– but his new track “I See Clouds Coming Our Way” isn’t. The music producer gives the track away via trndmusik. We asked him how the song was produced and why he provides it for free.

trndmusik: What inspired you to produce “I See Clouds Coming Our Way”?

UNFUG: I wanted to produce a gloomy track for a change. I had all atmospheric sounds together real quick but the track missed some kind of direction. Then a thunderstorm was approaching and led to a brainstorm in me – that explains the title of the track. So it had to be a thunderstorm song, somewhere between Deep House and Minimal.

trndmusik: Where and how did you produce it?

UNFUG: I did that during a weekend at home using NI Maschine 2. It was quite easy to produce it as soon as the concept was ready. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the rain samples myself as the thunderstorm drifted by quickly and I didn’t want to wait for the next downpour.

trndmusik: Why do you give the track away for free?

UNFUG: You don’t hesitate when you get the opportunity to have your song featured on trndmusik. Besides, everybody downloads and streams music for free these days. I think it’s better to give this pleasure to people by one’s own hand.

trndmusik: Have you got any other projects going on?

UNFUG: In real life I will have to finish my apprenticeship soon. Apart from that, I’m going to continue working on tracks after work and put more of them online.

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