Jade Shames und seine EP „The Drawing Board“


Bereits Anfang August 2014 brachte der US-Amerikaner Jade Shames, der in New York zu Hause ist, die EP „The Drawing Board“ raus. Die Kollektion umfasst neben den Original-Tracks jeweils einen Remix von Dapayk, Stefko Kruse sowie Secret of Elements. Veröffentlicht wurden die Werke vom Rostocker Label Gleichklang Recordings. Mit uns sprach der US-amerikanische Produzent über die Entstehung der EP und wie er mit dem norddeutschen Label in Kontakt kam.

trndmusik: What was the reason/Idea for this EP?

Jade Shames: For about four years, I was experimenting with a lot of different styles and sounds. My influences range really widely from classical to jazz to electronic and indie rock, and it was tough to find a sound-style that I felt particularly attached to. Then, about a year ago, I started composing a piano piece that replaced the electronic beeps & boops I would have used for a rhythm section with acoustic and metallic sounds. It sounded almost steampunky and had elements of Yann Tiersen and Dustin O’Halloran—artists I greatly admire. I called it Clockwork because of the mathematical-ness of the piece and the fact that there are two ticking clock sounds played over each other to create a ¾ time signature. When I put it on Soundcloud, I was shocked to see how many great responses I got. So I started developing more music in this vein. Eventually, I had an album’s worth of material.

trndmusik: How and where did it originate?

Jade Shames: I compose everything on Logic in my home studio using both MIDI sample-based software instruments and recording acoustic instruments.

trndmusik: The EP consists of six original tracks. Why did you not immediately produce an album?

Jade Shames: I did produce a full album. Once I was signed with Gleichklang Recordings, the owner (Johann Pätzold) and I spoke about it and we agreed that the best way to market my music would be to first do an EP release and get remixes, and then follow it up with a full album.

trndmusik: How did you get in contact with the label?

Jade Shames: Gleichklang Recordings contacted me. They had recently signed Haunted Water who had found me previously on Soundcloud and did a couple remixes of my songs. When Haunted Water showed Johann my music, he wanted to sign me as well.

trndmusik: How were the Remixers selected?

Jade Shames: I left that up to Johann who is more familiar with the scene than I am. When I heard the remixes, I was very satisfied.


01. Jade Shames – The Weather in Brooklyn
02. Jade Shames – Cloud Factory
03. Jade Shames – Clockwork
04. Jade Shames – Recoil Snake
05. Jade Shames – The Subliminal Continuum
06. Jade Shames – The Drawing Board
07. Jade Shames – The Drawing Board (Dapayk Remix)
08. Jade Shames – The Drawing Board (Stefko Kruse Remix)
09. Jade Shames – Clockwork (Secret of Elements Remix)