Collaboration by Traumfänger and Malurensohn

Kaleidoskop Traumsohn

Two music producers Traumfänger and Malurensohn got together for a joint track: “We got to know each other at college in Leipzig and became friends by sharing a passion for electronic music”, say the two musicians. “That was about the time when we started to shape track ideas using Ableton.” They exchanged their productions regularly so it was only a matter of time for them to produce a song together. Malurensohn remembers that “one day, Jonas (editor’s note: Traumfänger) came over to my house and started browsing through my productions. As I didn’t want to change them, we decided to make a new one.” That’s the story of “Kaleidoskop”— a mystical, melodious yet driving track. “We processed that song step by step whenever we got to meet each other since we both work at our home studios.” trndmusik provides the song as a free download.

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