Mjonik: “Nothing affects me more than music”


trndmusik: What’s the concept behind your track “Irosnap”?

Mjonik: I’m always looking for the exceptional. One day I came across Pansori, a Korean chant. I found one lesson to be particularly fascinating because the pupil’s voice sounded not only typically rasping but also very weird.

trndmusik: How did you produce the track?

Mjonik: It all started with the Pansori sample. I made the first groove during the chopping and basic beat and then finetuned it with percussion sounds. The Conga was recorded using a half-full can of Coke. I absolutely wanted to play the drums since it’s an essential part of Pansori, too. I put the lead melody together using a layering of guitar, piano and synth tones because I love the mix of analog and synthetic sounds. It makes you think about whether the track is organic or oscillatory, again and again.

trndmusik: Why would you give it away for free?

Mjonik: I wanted to give something back because I like free downloads myself.

trndmusik: What’s up next?

Mjonik: My aim is 4 to the floor music. I want to advance as a music producer– technically with techniques. Also, I want to look for a record label and record an album. Besides, I’d really love to deejay more and analyse the audience reactions to the music. Nothing affects me more than music.

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